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Recent reports:
Title Report # Date
"The Shape and Size of Threats: Defining a Networked System's Attack Surface" 1120004 2014-08-20
"TASRS: Towards a Secure Routing System Through Internet Number Resource Certification" 1130009 2013-08-30
"New gTLD Security, Stability, Resiliency Update: Exploratory Consumer Impact Analysis" 1130008 2013-08-27
"IPsec's Appeal: Protecting DNS Under the Covers" 1130006 2013-01-07
"Sizing Estimates for a Fully Deployed RPKI" 1120005 2012-12-17
"Behavior of DNS' Top Talkers, a .com/.net View" 1110003 2011-10-05
"Verifying Keys through Publicity and Communities of Trust: Quantifying Off-Axis Corroboration" 1110001 2011-10-04
"Cross-Modal Vulnerabilities: An Illusive form of Hijacking" 1140010 2010-03-01

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